How the Law of Attraction made me an Entrepreneur

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? Well, I was a sceptic until out-of-the-blue developments made me believe that we meet certain people because somewhere deep inside, we’ve been looking for them.


Best Travel Tip: Mingle with the Locals

My number one tip to those who want to soak every experience on their travels is – mingle with the locals. Eat/drink with them, talk to them, and most importantly, smile at them.

When my Kira came off & a Monk fixed it!

When you travel, do you feel that you are a different person? That all your idiosyncrasies  get enhanced a bit? Your craziness touches new heights? You feel a sense of freedom so great that nothing embarrasses you or scares you? It happens to me to the extent that on one of my trips, I had […]